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Captain's Log
The Journal of Morgan Adams
Recent Entries 
9th-Nov-2030 05:02 am - CR CHART
This is Morgan's Character Relationship chart. If I left you off, let me know in PM!

CR Chart Under CutCollapse )
16th-Apr-2011 06:02 pm - 176
down to business
Admiral if you're only sending us off with the clothes on our backs, that means I want my animals fed daily the way they should be. And cleaned up after. I consider that a fair trade considering you're having me leave my guns behind.

Meet me on the main deck, Dallas. I figure we both deserve a good outing, what do you think?
10th-Apr-2011 01:09 pm - 175
hey you, how much?
Brimstone and gall, do I ever not regret making a point to close my journal on days like those...
26th-Mar-2011 04:48 pm - 174
I'm back -- and as I expected, I have no idea what I've been doing but it looks like I've been gone a while. The animals seemed to enjoy the trip, though.

Someone catch me up? 

Also, Dallas Winston: are you still alive? 

(ooc: Brought Morgan back sooner than I expected to, but I think I'm over my funk. If I have any troubles I'll post notice that I'm slowing down with her again.)
16th-Mar-2011 02:14 pm - 173 - Backdated to Yesterday
captain, serious
[Warden Filter]

The Admiral offered me something I have to take. It's for Henry. I promise I'll be back. I need someone to keep an eye on Dallas Winston for me in the meantime, though.

[Private to Dallas Winston]

Rather unexpectedly, I have to step away. I've been offered an opportunity to do something that'll help me make good on the promise I made to Henry before he left, and I can't pass it up. I feel horrible because I never leave an Inmate, but I promise you I'm coming back, and someone is going to look after you in the meantime. Stay out of trouble, and I'll see you soon.
28th-Feb-2011 11:29 am - 172 [Video]
down to business
[Have a vision of Morgan casually reclining at her desk, closing the file in her hand and laying it on the surface in front of her with a nonchalant toss. A brightly colored scarlet Macaw is perched on the back of her chair, preening at his feathers but quiet.]

That's more like it, Admiral! I was hoping you'd put me back to work quickly.

[She now sits up properly and leans forward in her chair; the bird flutters his wings for a second before alighting to find a more sturdy place to rest.]

I'm looking for Dallas Winston.
16th-Feb-2011 02:15 pm - 171
weeeell, y'got me there
That was quite a sweet gesture to wake up to Admiral. Really. If a bit messy. And I think King Charles, Mason, and Poor Joe enjoyed the breakfast immensely.

I'm sure it would have been delicious.
10th-Feb-2011 04:36 am - 170 - A Return
captain, serious
I'm home.

Friends and family are all well. Some old and new faces -- some deaths that I missed. Food and drink that I'd let slip my mind. I forgot how much I missed the sea, to tell you the truth.

And it was nice to go somewhere that the sun was shining.

Love the new compass, Admiral. Thanks.

Also -- to all the newcomers: Welcome home. Have a peek up on the main deck. Enjoy the food. Make some friends. Try to make yourselves comfortable. You're gonna be here a while.

(ooc: Morgan's back on the Barge. She returned home and went wherever else it is she wanted to go with her time off, and because I'd intended for her to have given her Item to West before she left, the Admiral had to give her a new one.)
6th-Feb-2011 04:55 pm - 169 - Video
default mother hen expression, worried
So uhm --

[Morgan rubs the back of her head.]

They're gone. Henry's gone.

[She nods, more to herself than anything.]

It just feels strange, I guess. I just --

[No. She shakes that thought away.]

I'm going to go away for a while. Visit the Morningstar, wherever she is. See my crew. Check in. But I'm coming back in a few days, barge-time. Just need to get my head clear before I can really think about getting back on the horse.

But I uh -- need someone to look after the animals. King Charles is coming with me but I think Poor Joe and Mason should stay here. Is there anyone willing to keep an eye on them for me? 
20th-Jan-2011 02:59 pm - 168 [Video]
on the losing end, oh come ON, weak
[This is Morgan, in a nice little house dress. She seems to have a radiant, healthy glow about her on account of the fact that she appears to be very, very pregnant. For obvious reasons, this also appears to distress her, seeing as how she didn't have a belly this size BEFORE she came into port, and most women with child get the upshot of being able to gradually settle into it.]

I think I need a doctor.

[She shifts nervously]

And I am seeing WAY too many tiny bodies in these family pictures, so sound off. How many children are in this house, and why in God's name is this woman having another one? 

9th-Jan-2011 07:16 pm - 167
I DARE you, challenge me, don't go there
[Have a Morgan with her hair cut ridiculously short. Looking very unhappy.]

The goddess' Warden? Whichever Doctor you are -- I don't know how you tell each other part. I want you to know that there are Wardens who are raising their Inmates right now. Because some crazed gods ripped their hearts out of their chests. Or beheaded them.

Some had their bodies stolen and violated. Some of us as well.

You enabled it. You're responsible, and you are dead to me.

[Private to Henry West - Added Later]

Are you all right? 
8th-Jan-2011 02:32 pm - 166
did I do that?, brave, sticking it out
I don't know about anyone else but when this is over I'm writing a very strongly worded letter to the Admiral about not bringing deities onto the ship anymore as Inmates.

[Private to Henry West and Dr Horrible]

Henry and Billy: Respond and state your location. Filtered if you have to. Are you still you?
16th-Dec-2010 04:30 pm - 165 [Letter to Santa]
devious smile, still got it
This definitely isn't a tradition I had at home, but since it produces some results here I don't mind taking part. It's kind of nice, since we can't always go shopping, and now seems to be the time to give presents to everyone.

So here you go, Santa Claus: 

Private - List of Presents Below - West & Billy, Libby, Kirk, Data, Facilier, Adam, the Sexbys, Paddy, and everyone elseCollapse )

For me - I want a hat. Newsboy type. The kind Rube used to wear.
14th-Dec-2010 05:25 pm - 164
you saw that huh?, I'm having a bad day
Not much point in trying to get outside. Snow's half as deep as I'm tall. The fact that I've never seen it like that makes me wonder if the weather is just that insane here, or if the Admiral has just gone easy on winter locations the last few years.

At least the fire's warm. I feel like I can still smell those spices on the air, but that might be because King Charles has nicked something that I haven't found yet.

Mason's happy to just stay in and nap.

Me? I guess all I'm thinking about when I stop to think at all is this is the first Christmas in the last three that Rube hasn't been here.

[Private to West and Billy]

Checking in. Are you relaxing? 
6th-Dec-2010 11:58 pm - [Warden Filter]
arms folded, not amused
The person responsible for killing Mister Donowitz's Inmate has been identified. I've taken him to Level Zero.
6th-Dec-2010 07:31 pm - 163 - Private to Henry West
try that again
So the other night. Your floor. Clapet. Do you want to tell me what happened? 
4th-Dec-2010 03:26 pm - 162
geez, phew
So uh...funny question. Anyone here know how to sew? 
23rd-Nov-2010 03:41 pm - 161
arms folded, not amused
I think I slept through the last one of these. As I understand it will be over quickly, so here goes:

This is Captain Morgan Adams. I don't suppose anyone from the Morning Star is receiving this? 
20th-Nov-2010 04:38 pm - 160 - [Video]
tired, frustrated
[Morgan has her arms folded on her desk, her chin resting on her hands. She looks tired. Half laying across her head appears to be a basset hound, which by its very nature and genetic makeup also looks to be tired. And sulking. And making soft "mrr" noises.]

I can't be the only person sitting here and telling myself that it's not what it looks like.

(ooc: Morgan...doesn't know how to feel about the last week, or what the Admiral's reappearance suggests. >.> Also, sorry for my absence, I've been a cross between sicky and hugely distracted.)
15th-Nov-2010 02:22 pm - 159 [Video]
down to business
If someone hasn't started already -- fine, fine, rationing food whatever. But some people should start gathering the perishables together, getting them into whatever containers are necessary, and moving them up to the main deck so we can tie them off there. It's pretty damn cold up there, still, and should keep things from spoiling. Just a suggestion.

[Mason can be heard roof-roof!ing somewhere at her feet.]

[Not with her usual tone of command in a crisis, she just kinda hedges into it.] ...And for God's sake, people, I beg you keep calm. The ship's dead but there's nothing on it that you haven't seen before. Don't get superstitious and don't let your mind wander. ...I say this because it's common sense -- aaaand because I haven't seen King Charles.

So if you find something small, wiggly and soft, then please don't scare him; he's twice as hard to find when he's hiding.

[She rubs the back of her head.]

Henry and Billy, sound off!
4th-Nov-2010 08:36 pm - 158
hey you, how much?
[Private to Henry West]

I need to have a word with you. Is now a bad time? 

[Private to the Admiral]

Please bring back the Marquis' dog and repair his door.
2nd-Nov-2010 11:25 pm - 157
I swear, you try to go for something safe and the flaws wind up inherent in the design.

...All right, so things are a little fuzzy. Tell me that I didn't swoon into someone's arms or anything remotely suggestive beyond that.
29th-Oct-2010 03:00 pm - 156 - [Video] Flood
This doesn't look like the Death Star.

[She looks about cautiously, before addressing the screen. It's Leia, but only sort of; something is immediately off in that she seems a little more...aggressive, perhaps, but her demeanor seems to switch to something somewhat more vulnerable in a near-instant.]

I must reach the planet Alderaan as soon as possible; it's urgent! Please, can anyone read me? 

(ooc: Morgan thought buying a Leia costume would mean that in the event of...well, something like this, she wouldn't embarrass herself. But unfortunately she bought the mildly sexed-up costume design, so she's less Leia and more what lonely geeks think of Leia :| So expect softcore hilarity and terrible dialogue to ensue.)
26th-Oct-2010 07:48 pm - 155 [Warden Filter]
try that again
I missed the initial fervor that started this discussion and have only been able to look back, but why are so many Wardens offering to help the Doctor build these "phones", which he's openly offering to everyone? Is everyone just really excited about tinkering with some new gadget, or are the lot of you really so fucking selfish as to dive headlong after talking to people that have died or that survived you? You realize that the point to mourning is to have your sadness but to rebuild and go on living afterward, right? And what proper message are you sending to the Inmates by telling them "Oh. Yes, you've died. Yes, you're here to earn a way back if that's what you want. But BY ALL MEANS go on clinging to the things you need to let go. PLEASE take this opportunity to have something that allows you to pretend NOTHING BAD EVER HAPPENED and it's life as usual." 

It's not life as usual, here. Every single Inmate on this ship is a person deserving of respect when they give it in kind and our care because we are Wardens, and there are certain freedoms we should always hesitate to deny anyone here while there are others, though attractive, that we do more harm than good by granting. All of you are sworn to guide your Inmate to wisdom and reason, and to decide when they cannot. Sometimes that means knowing when to end their pain and when to help them soldier through it.

have lost in the past. I lost my mother when I was not half a decade of age, and I buried my father one year before I came here. There were times when I thought that I would give anything to see either of them, or hear their voices, or speak to them, and after two years here I thought I had moved on. There was a flood once that brought my father here. I never got to see him, because he took my place for a time, and just knowing he'd been here tore everything open again that I had mended.

This is an ill-advised project, and shame on every one of you that's offered supplies or labor to it.

EDIT: Now I've said my piece.
21st-Oct-2010 04:12 pm - 154
but seriously, c'mon
If anyone ever wanted to feel like a horse's ass for going and having a little fun against their better judgment, the start of this week has been perfect for that.

The last few weeks, honestly, have been completely up and down, and I've had my fair share of ... well, moments of weakness. The fact that my Inmate has been out of commission and therefore hasn't been forced to suffer any of the backlash is inconsequential. I'm glad of it, but things of late have worn me down to the point that I haven't even got much of a pithy speech to make about solidarity; I don't even know if that's what I want anymore.

But whatever the case, whether we're with or against each other, I know just as well as anybody that a lot of Wardens have felt pushed -- by circumstances, by certain people, by these latest incidents.

Just consider your words more carefully before you decide to threaten before God and everyone else that you're giving up. Or have given up. You made a commitment to be here. Even if it's in defense of your Inmate, you have to realize how backward that is from the outset. You have to be stronger than that.

[Private to West and Billy]

...So I bought you both guilt presents.

Henry, how are you feeling?
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